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Power Capacitor

Power Capacitor

Product Details

Range 1.0 KVAR to 25 KVAR,
Type M.P.P. - S.H, Impregnant NCB
Confirms to IS:13340-1993 EN/IEC:831 - 1
Capacitance Tolerance -5%, +10%
Rated Voltage 415/440 VAC
Connection 3 PH, Delta
Tempreture Range -5°/C
Insulation Level Ui3kv/-
Discharge Device E/I (Resistance Type)
Frequency 50 Hz
Warranty 12 month the dete of purchase

Energy conservation has become a central issue of utmost priority all over the world today. Power being a major of expenditure in industries, it is equally important conserve power to maximum to sustain in competition of industrial goods. This can be done only by best utilization of available capacity of cables, switchgears & transformers, line losses, by reducing reactive current.

The main source of reactive currents are inductive load, such as fan, indication motors, transformers, welding sets, fluorescent & gas lamps. Such kind of equipments draw not only active power (KW), but also reactive power (KVAR), from the supply. this reactive power is necessary for the equipment to operate correctly, could be interpreted as an undesirable burden on the supply. The vector total of these two is apparent power (KVA).

P.F.(cosØ) = KW/KVA (The closer cosØ is to unity the less reactive power is drawn from the supply.


Role of Power Capacitor in P.F.C. :

  • Capacitor produce a reactive power of a opposite to inductive power, and hence tend to compensate for the unproductive reactive KVA producted in the system. The total KVA, as also current drawn from the supply, is thereby reduced and is called power factor correction (P.F.C.)
  • Most utilities, supplying power penalize the consumers for low power factor, and anowadays also rewards for a higher opwer factor above 0.95

Application :

  • Single or Fixed PFC - Single capacitor for individual inductive load.
  • Group PFC - One fixed capacitor to a group of inductive loads.
  • Automatic PFC - A number of capacitors, controlled through a relay monitoring according to demand for fluctuating inductive load.

Construction : power capacitors and manufactured in perfectily dust free controlled environment using latest technologies and processes to ensure most reliable performance and impeccable long life in service. Use of high quality reinforced edge, zinc alloy MPP film on automated winding machines ensures good element winding. Material selection at every process is made judiciously towards this end.

Testings : Works is equipped with latest test laboratory where all kinds of routine test, type can be carried out as per Indian & international standard. This in house facility is used for ensuring reliability before release and development of new design, inputs processes.

Wide Range of Power Capacitor :

  • Self Healing Normal Duty capacitor
  • Self Healing oil impregnated capacitor
  • Self Healing double dielectric heavy duty capacitor
  • Self Healing cylindrical capacitor

Silent Features :

  • Low energy consumption & low losses
  • High thermal Stability
  • Self healing property ensures long trouble free life
  • High dielectric insulations resistance
  • High current handling characteristics
  • Inductors coil in capacitors over 6K VAR take care of surges appearing the capacitor in service to voltage fluctuations.
  • Vaccum oil impregnation : is done with special grade capacitor oil under high level of vaccum eliminating partial discharges thus enhancing longer life of capacitor.
  • Heavy Duty: (Double Dielectric) are specially designed rigorous & fluctuating load, to withstands higher over current and surge voltages. These conditions are routinely experienced in Rolling mills, sugar industries, cement plants, induction furnaces, welding systems.

Information to be given with enquiry or order :

  • Output required in KVAR / MVAR
  • Rated voltage, frequency, No. of Phases
  • state whether any abnormal voltage rise are exected, if so, highest voltage expected
  • Upper limit of temp. category
  • Proposed location of caacitor i.e.indoor or outdoor
  • If ccapacitor is to be directly connected to the terminals of a motor, state motor rating, speed , tye, manufacturer name.
  • Whether the unit capacitor is to be used on line directly or assembled for forming capacitor bank.

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